The Lychee Museum is a two-story building located on a picturesque cliff overlooking the ocean. It contains a vast array of valuble historical artifacts both cultural and natural, and always has at least one wing dedicated to special roaming exhibits. It is run in association with Rinjoh University, and often displays interesting finds discovered by the various researchers there.

The museum has a number of full-time staff including tour guides, guards and curators, in addition to the Director, Mr. Pokemon, and the Vice-Director, Tina, Leader of the Lychee Gym.

Large bay windows dominate the front of the building, affording much natural light to the open foyer, the small gift shop and the administrative offices. Exhibit rooms make up the rest of the first and second floors, while storage and preparation rooms can be found in the basement. A serene sitting area and garden can be found behind the building so people can enjoy the ocean view. Oddly enough, the building appears at first to have no public washrooms, but there are actually some hidden in the back of the gift shop.

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