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These are setting and character notes for a pen-and-paper Pokemon game.

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A quick note, since the format is still getting set up. This is how things are getting sorted:


  • Buildings or specific spots are tagged as Locations.
  • Each Location also has its corresponding Area tag. Areas (and Routes) do not have pages outside of their category pages.


  • People who own, raise and train pokemon are tagged as Trainers; everyone else is a Citizen.
  • Individual pokemon are tagged Pokemon. When naming a pokemon's page, please make it apparent as to what makes this pokemon unique (for example, *Trainer's Pokemon*, *Nickname*, ...*Giant Pokemon of The Place*, you get the idea.)
  • People who work for The League and Team Rocket are tagged as such.
  • Don't make pages for people outside of the main continuity please. Make cast listings for one-shot sessions as part of the summary page.

Session Summaries

  • Descriptions of main continuity session events are tagged as Relic Ball Saga.
  • Descriptions of one-shot sessions which do not fit into the main timeline are tagged as Meanwhile.
  • Descriptions of sessions which are removed from the setting's current time/place are tagged as Visions.

So go forth and add! Every page needs more content!

Latest activityEdit

  • new page Rinjoh Region
    created by ZVM achi
    New page: The Rinjoh region is a self governing land located in a temperate area. It has its own pokemon legue, gyms, and pokemon champion.
    Summary: stub of rinojh page
  • new page Kraft
    created by Orgodemir27
    New page: Kraft is a weedle known for his terrible luck in battles. He was the first pokemon of a young trainer named Skippy; one afternoon, Skippy was...
    Summary: derp derp
    Added category: Pokemon
  • edit Jody Blackcurrant
    edited by Kanthia diff
    Added photo:
  • edit Jody Blackcurrant
    edited by Kanthia diff
    Summary: MORE PSYDUCKS
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Tank
    new comment by Kanthia
    Comment: This is the most appropriate picture possible
  • edit Tank
    edited by Vssakj diff
    Summary: Accurate illustrations.
    Added photo:


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  • edit Lime City Gym
    edited by Orgodemir27 diff
    Summary: i think you forgot the gym's alternate purpose
  • new page Lime City Gym
    created by ZVM achi
    New page: Lime City Gym is run by the famous grass trainer Gardinia. The building is modeled to look like a gardens of an ancient, ivy covered castle, with...
    Added categories: Lime City, Location


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